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  • POP1 - Porcupine (24/06/2004 12:11:41 PM)
    David Jukes bought a URL with only 4 characters and decided he should do something with it, so we developed a simple ASP script to create a blog of sorts with friends as posters, which started in March 2002.

    This worked really well until late 2003 when the host decided not to pay their bill and leave their customers in the lurch, with no data. We did manage to find a backup dated April 2003 but had lost several months of postings. Dave found a new host but they did not allow asp code so we took the content of the old blog over to a geocities site in a static form. Dave has the pop1.org domain hosted with a nice pre-made blog interface but has not updated it for years. I placed the static content on Geocities until Yahoo shutdown Geocities completely in Aug 2009, and now the content is hosted on AtomicArmageddon. Sure this is only a little over one year of content, but to me it represents a lively community, and what can be done by a bunch of friends interested in sharing a resource of a little research, opinion and humour.
    Should I grow a beard? - Princess (13/03/2003 12:49:47 PM)
    Just when you think the world can't get any sillier, what happens, you can't sleep, you wake up at three am, you get out of bed, turn on the TV, only to discover that Anthony Robbins has grown a goatee.

    Oh yes, the guy with the motivational tapes, and a chin that one could land a boeing 747-600 on without too much hassel has gone in for chin pubes.

    Now, while I am neither for or against facial hair, I should point out that on very few men a goatee actually looks good, and on most well, they suck. Thusly making the man look unkempt, and down right shabby. (In fact only two men I have met with goatees actually present well, one of which is pop1's very own porcupine).

    For the men amid our little corner of the internet, here it is, Princess' guidelines to when facial hair is just bad.

    Do not grow a beard/goatee/or any other kind of facial hair:

    1) Most definately NOT before thirty, unless you are ageing prematurely - a beard does not make a man in his early twenties look older, it makes him look lazy. It does not make him look smarter, it makes him look lazy. For the record, it makes him look lazy. have a look at Justin Timberlake for example, here is a man that would be fucking hot, if only he could use the razor on that chin.

    2) Definately NOT if you are unable to keep it well groomed. A beard should not be matted, nor should it scraggly, lest you look like the missing link, or some wild man, or worse, Robbinson Crusoe (for the record, Tarzan was always clean shaven. Anyone else notice that?)

    3) Not if you hair is dyed/bleached/coloured - the only difference in hair and beard colour should be grey. If I see one more blonde with a red beard, I may very well scream.

    4) Generally not if you have a partner. Guys, through the growing out stage, facial hair is a real turn off for the "life-partners" out there (It can also be annoying to your Saturday night romp). None of them want something akin to gravel rash to ensue you kissing them. (having said that, if you get two to three weeks without your special someone, while you grow out, it may just work, but for the love of God, ask them first).

    5) If you don't have a strong chin, or if you do have a double chin. Guys - this one should be self apparent. You will just look silly. Why would you want to soften a feature that is already softened?

    I could probably go on all night, but suffice it to say, that noodle ad where the two men are talking about beardies is not a good look, and well, most guys from 15-30 who try to grow a beard just look like SLIGHTLY less silly versions of those.

    In Tony Robbins' defence, at least we don't have to cope with the glare of such a strong chin - I think he looks O.K. And in Porcupine's case, the chin pubes only work because he takes the time to groom, trim, comb and god knows whatever else.
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    RIP - Matty B. - Kitten (16/02/2003 8:34:46 PM)
    just shy of being twenty-one;
    wasn't to know his day was done,
    for all who loved him - the pain is real;
    for those who knew him - know how they feel,
    why take him now? what did he wrong?

    he was quiet, accepting,
    sweet and caring,
    creative, subtle,
    with a dry sense of humour - quick witted and a gentle hand.

    never got the chance to say good-bye,
    never got the chance to tell his friends, family, lovers.. exactly how they made him feel, how they changed his life, how they helped him, how much he appreciated them.
    the people who cared for him, never got the chance to tell him the same,

    for the things you always wanted, for the people you loved so much, for their friends, their families i wish you all the very very best. grieve while you have to, but celebrate his newfound touch, he is with you always in your hearts, in your minds, on your walls and brushing upon your fingertips when he passes by.

    always remember that he was here, always remember who he was, always remember what he wanted for you.

    never forget how precious and how fragile your own life is.
    Calling all Lego men & women wannabes - Mafu (6/02/2003 10:26:47 PM)
    So have you, like me, always wondered what you would look like as a Lego figure?

    Well, look no further ... this site is for you!


    Have fun!
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    Pay for MP3 = giving to The Man - Porcupine (9/12/2002 7:27:00 AM)

    The Man needs money. He must, or he would give a bigger cut to the artists.

    Like many law abiding citizens, you probably do not agree with the ideals of Gnutella and Freenet, so team up with The Man and make sure that wealth is concentrated.

    MP3 = Communism - Porcupine (12/11/2002 4:49:11 PM)

    I think there is something in this for all of us, don't you?

    God bless America.
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    Eclipse Dec 2002 - Porcupine (14/10/2002 8:05:09 AM)
    Yes there is an eclipse in December. We don't get total eclipses in Australia very often, so if you have any inclination to go to South Australia, do it around Dec 4.
    9-11 - Elsta (11/09/2002 9:45:09 AM)
    Or 11-9 if you want.
    The day the wtc fell over... 11-9-02 the day /. fell over.
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    Happy 26th Mafu... old bastard :) - Elsta (6/09/2002 9:51:02 AM)
    A big happy Bíday to the snake man Mafu!
    Thanks for ya help buying Slinky :) and where were ya after work on Friday for drinks?!?!
    Happy Birthday - Mafu (6/08/2002 2:10:51 AM)
    Oy! Happy Birthday for yesterday Elsta!
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    Hotmail selling your details - Porcupine (18/05/2002 10:54:33 AM)
    If you have a hotmail account you should change some key settings right now. The evil bastards at Microsoft have forced all hotmail users to sign up for junk mail, giving access to your account details to third party companies.

    You can opt out but Microsoft is betting on user apathy. Don't let this happen to you!

    Login to hotmail and go to Options : Personal Profile, then un-check the boxes at the bottom of that page.
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    Poster Poster ... we want your post! - Elsta (13/05/2002 7:00:33 AM)
    We need more posters!
    If you have an account, and you know who you are, you should post more. I have created accounts for nothing if you don't post!
    I will not sink as low as to name names, but, tommo! And the rest of you post notters better start pulling your weight or your fired!
    PS: If you donít have an account and you have something to say email me and get one!
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    Adam & Zita! - Porcupine (12/05/2002 6:09:25 PM)
    Adam & Zita have tied the knot. It was a perfect crystal clear cool morning, a small ceremony at the beautiful St James Church at Cooparoo. A wonderful couple become husband and wife. Big warm smiles all round. Everyone wishing you guys the best.

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    New layout.. - Kitten (29/04/2002 9:04:28 PM)
    SO much easier to find stuff!! Instead of wandering from page to page looking for new stuff, I just look at that little column on the left hand side and BANG!! I'm there....

    Whoever created this, is a genius... yes, a true genius.
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    Do you have what it takes? - Porcupine (29/04/2002 9:03:24 AM)
    Do you like writing? OK, can you write? Maybe just a bit? Please?

    POP1.org has positions available on our highly exclusive board of contributors. So if you think you have what it takes to be a contributor then send an email to admin@pop1.org.

    Recompense is directly related to the amount of traffic generated*
    [* in Cajillabits divided by the number of atoms in the universe]
    Warning: too long entering articles - Porcupine (18/04/2002 9:42:30 PM)
    If you take too long to enter/edit an article, you will be kicked out of the Admin section and be asked for your username and password again - WITHOUT having the article saved. All is not lost. Click back until you get to the article and click update. All is good. I will probably fix this.
    Amistad - cant post comments on an article! - Adam (13/04/2002 7:54:27 PM)
    My god! I love this site. However I think that it could be made a shade better if there was the possibility to respond to each post. Blah blah, something about being shackled in these chains of no speech? GIVE US, US FREE! GIVE US, US FREE!
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    Server time space anomaly - Porcupine (13/04/2002 6:43:19 PM)
    The POP1.org server seems to be located fair square in the middle of the twilight zone. Some special time space anomaly is going on where it is sometimes 6 hours in the future, and from where I'm sitting, there is no place on the planet in that time zone.

    So, I'm hoping to abuse this time space phenomenon and bring you news articles from the future. Unfortunately, it seems to be working the other way around at the moment, but I ask you, who can control time space anomalies? Certainly not Cpt Kirk.
    My obligatory first post - Elsta (13/04/2002 11:56:49 AM)
    I will do this by thanking all those involved.
    Thanks Simon!

    Side note:
    Adam work harder or youíre fired, you rock spider!

    We are looking for a cartoonist with a sadistic personality and a fear of open spaces. The pay is a significant percentage of what we make from this site (nothing). So, although you will never be paid, your work will be appreciated by many and you will not have to make anyone coffee*.

    *when we say you wonít be making anyone coffee we really meant "We are looking for a 6"+ blonde girl to draw funny stuff and make coffee".
    Welcome to POP1.org - Porcupine (13/04/2002 8:49:54 AM)
    Yes, POP1.org! Dave's domain what only has four characters as the lead domain name. Very uber. So. There you have it. POP1.org. Just look at that baby.

    And the scripting! What a marvel of code to behold.