Key Creatives:

Darren Bennett - Writing and Directing

Darren is database administrator with a nationally-focused transport operator. He wrote this script to "have something funny to film", and ended up directing it basically by default. He has studied the works of the greats - Bert I. Gordon, Coleman Francis, and the incomparable Edward D. Wood, Jr. If he's very lucky, he'll be able to stick to writing in the future.

Colleen Hills - Video & Editing

Colleen is an IT and Business teacher at Earnshaw State College and has been teaching for 22 years. She developed an interest in multimedia and short film making through her involvement with a number of projects connected with her work. Her main interests are in shooting video and post production editing. Her preferred genre is documentaries. She is a partner in Random Moments, a small business providing a variety of multimedia services.

Dylan Keys - Audio and Editing

Dylan is the IT Technician at Earnshaw State College and is completing a Certificate IV in IT (Networking) traineeship. He has gained experience in multimedia and short film making through his involvement with a number of projects undertaken at the College, as well as previous Fast Film entries. His main interests in film making are in camera operation, sound recording and post production sound and video editing. He is a partner in Random Moments.

Scott Saxby - Original Music and Voice

Scott is an IT and English teacher at Earnshaw State College and has been teaching for a little while. Since his early teens, Scott has enjoyed producing sound effects and music suitable for film. His recent interests have turned towards the areas of multimedia and animation. Though enjoying this new direction, he is only a mere amateur. He also has an impressive repertoire of and screams, monster noises and fake karate moves.

Simon Forsyth - Actor - The Three Ross Twins

Simon is an IT nerd working for a internationally-focused University. He has a deep interest in awful movies that started pre high-school when he was able to sneak into the lounge in the wee A.M. to watch the junk that broadcasters would put on tv. An avid watcher of Trash-TV on the local public station, MST3K fan and anything science fiction. Simon doesn't delude himself about his acting skills which he thought were bad enough to be well suited for a part in the Atomic Armageddon project.

Morte - Actor - Senior Detective

Morte slaves to the incessant beat of the Big Blue Drum, day and night, and does not ask for whom the bell tolls, for he knows very well it tolls for him, usually at 1am on a Sunday morning. Reluctantly playing a minor role, Morte readily acknowledges there are many small actors, and no small parts, wistfully contemplating that he could have escaped filming earlier had his role been even more minor. In this, his final acting role, Morte bows out gracefully and hopes that future up-and-coming ingenues will not make the same mistakes as he has, asking only that he be remembered as "That thin guy who wasn't quite as tall as the other thin guys in that really short film which wasn't even shot on film so it isn't really a "film" per se, more like a short motion picture? Yeah..."